Lets Get It On…….

Last night at work we were watching the Indians game during the downtime. Well imagine our surprise when we saw the scene below.


I think the best of the video is listening to the reaction by the announcers. And you have to hand it to the reporter, she stayed professional the whole time.

Disclaimer: This video is not a representation of all Cleveland Indians fans.

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So Governor Kasich has signed Senate Bill 5, so now in order for it to be taken off the books it has to be voted upon by the voters of Ohio. In order for it to get placed on the ballot it needs a petition with 261,000 signatures, which shouldn’t be hard since there are 350,000+ people affected by this bill. The major hurdle will be getting the votes on election day.

I am behind those protesting this 100% because this bill hits close to home. My wife is in school to be a teacher, my mother is a teacher, and 1 day I would like to be a full time firefighter somewhere. But they need to change their tactic up in fighting this bill. I would let the pension angle go. You are only going to make people mad, how many blue collar hard working Americans get to bargain about their retirement? So the fact that you are losing your ability to do so will probably not get much sympathy. Instead maybe we should focus on those thing much more important, like how they are taking away firefighters and police officers right to bargain about safety items. For law enforcement this means if you ask for new bullet proof vests and the council says no you don’t have the right to fight for them. And with firefighters if our gear is old and full of holes, which will not protect us anymore in heat, we can not bargain for that. Not only this but the union will not be able to bargain for staffing levels. What does that mean, that means if your city council wants too they can send a fire truck out of the station with only 2 guys on it. The recommendation for safe operation staffing levels is four or more per truck. So by cutting those levels by one or more, which is what government officials want to do they are putting their people at risk of injury or death.  When it comes to the education system they are wanting to cut out those teachers with experience for those fresh out of college because they are cheaper to pay then their more experienced counterparts. Don’t get me wrong their is nothing wrong with a teacher fresh out of school, but you can not just throw your more experienced teachers out on the street to save a buck or two. Even worse is they are going to be evaluating teachers based on merit now for layoffs and not seniority. In my opinion nobody deserves to be laid off, but if they must lay off it should be the newest people to go first. My question is who is going to be the one evaluating the merit of the teachers? Is it a state commitee, is it a committee made up of community members, is it the school board, superintendent or principle. I would hope it is not the individual school administration. If it is you can not tell me there is going to be no bias opinions. Lets say the district needs to lay off one English teacher, you have teacher A who has had some run ins over teaching style with the administration going up against teacher B who is good friends with the Superintendent in fact they have Wednesday night dinner together every week. Now teacher A is well loved by all her students, and their parents, she bends over backwards to make sure that they get their work done and if not she does all in her power to make the situation right. Now teacher B on the other hand is mean to her students, refuses to help them beyond her role in the classroom, and will not return phone calls to parents. Who do you think the administrator will choose when it comes down to teacher A or B? But the most important thing the teachers lose is their right to bargain over classroom size. Right now in the local school district they are averaging 20-25 students a class, to 1 teacher. With the passage of SB 5 that numb er could greatly increase can you imagine 1 teacher in charge of a class of 30-40 students. Madness throw in a 30-40 student kindergarten class and there is no teacher alive crazy enough to take on those odds.

I would hope that the voters of Ohio would be more apt to thinking about this vote if they are presented with the extended version of the issue, and not just the pension. In closing for right now I leave you with pictures of what is to come if Senate Bill 5 is left on the books:

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Please Mr or Mrs Firefighter my home is on fire can you put it out, even though you have holes in your gear, because we got rid of your right to bargain for new gear.

Please Mr or Mrs Police Officer someone with a gun is breaking into my house can you please stop them, even though your bullet proof vest is expired, but we took away your right to bargain for new ones.

Please Mr or Mrs Teacher steer my child on the right path, because you are the best teacher in the district, but wait they are letting you go because the worst teacher is best friends with the evaluator and only one can go so it has to be you.

Please Mr or Mrs Firefighter my loved one stopped breathing can you help them even if there are only two of you on the ambulance because your staffing was cut and you are not allowed to ask for it again.

Please Mr or Mrs Police Officer chase that man that just stole my car even if you are going to wreck because your cruiser is 7 years old and needs serviced but we cut your power to bargain for a new one.

Please Mr or Mrs Teacher my child is failing can you please help them even if they are going to fire you because you make to much money because you have been here for 10+ years.

Please Mr or Mrs Teacher, Firefighter, and Police Officer you need to retire you are getting too old for your job, but you can”t because your pension is minimal and you are unable to afford to retire.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it, well it is about to become reality when Governor Kasich signs his name to Senate Bill 5. Those people that are responsible the most for making sure your family is safe and educated are going to suffer, and for what. So governments can save some money. More to come later.

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It must be nice…..

You get to sleep while your on the job

It must be nice!!!

Yeah it is but…….

I am the one that has to see the desperation in a parents eyes as they throw a lifeless baby at us.

It Must Be Nice.

I am the one who has to desperately fight to keep the car accident victim alive because someone decided to drink and drive only to hit their car head on.

It Must Be Nice.

I am the one who has to inform the newly made widow after 50 years that her husband can not be revived.

It Must Be Nice.

I am the one who has to cut the teenager down, because he felt it was hopeless.

It Must Be Nice.

I am the one who has to see the pain in a first time mothers eyes as she miscarriages her baby.

It Must Be Nice

I am the one who has to see the pain in a husbands eyes because his wife overdosed again because she is not happy, and he just can’t understand why.

It Must Be Nice

I am the one who has to tell his kids that we are going to do all we can to “wake” Daddy up.

It Must Be Nice.

I am the one that has to tell a family we do not know why their sons heart stopped but we are doing all we can to get it re started.

It Must Be Nice.

I am the one that is expected to witness these things and then get right back on the truck and do it again without any emotion.

It Must Be Nice.

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Howdy everyone, it has been a long while since my last post.  I haven’t forgot about it just haven’t had time. I actually have a new job. I am working as a Physician liaison and Helicopter/EMS Services Representative for University Hospitals of Cleveland. So I have been rather busy with training and such. So with that being said I should be back the first part of March sometime to blog fulltime again. Until then Stay Safe.

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Keep Texting Out of the Ambulance Drivers Seat.

A couple of days ago I posted on a topic that really gets me fired up, texting while driving the Ambulance. Well I have decided to try and start a movement or a pledge if you will. It is just a Facebook group page, but I hope that somewhere down the road it will grow into something worth fighting for.You can check out the page HERE. Please LIKE it only if you are pledging not to touch your cellphone while sitting in the drivers seat of the an Emergency Vehicle. And then share the page with your friends in the profession, and have them share it with theirs and so on and so on. Please lets get the word out about this ever increasing safety hazard in America. Thank You.

~Creek Medic

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What are you watching?

I know I haven’t posted anything in a long while, but the holidays are a busy time of year for me. I promise I will get into it full-bore again here next week. I am working a 24 hour in Sugacreek, so I have sometime to post something that has been on my mind for a while now. A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of transporting a gentleman back to Steubenville from Morgantown WV, I was driving on this trip and the wife was riding up front with me. About halfway up she turned to me and said thank you! And when I asked for what, she replied “because the crew that drove us down there (which was a different company) was very rude to us.” Ok I hear that all the time and I do strive to treat my patients and their families how I would want to be treated. I gave her the customary You’re Welcome. Figuring the conversation was over I went to driving… She looked and me and continued…:”And the driver drove at 90 mph and was texting the whole time, I have never been more scared in my entire life.” WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was speechless. I guess in that certain persons career he hasn’t seen first hand the effects of texting and driving… if he was young I could understand it so for him and everyone else that  hasn’t seen them I will show some examples of what happens when texting and driving don’t mix.

















When texting it only takes a split second of looking away for something to go wrong. Do you really want to put not only yourself, but your partner, and your patient in that sort of situation. If that’s what could happen in a car imagine an ambulance…


















Can somebody please tell me what is so important that you have to risk the lives of everyone in your ambulance by looking away from the road? There is a national safe driver campaign to stop texting while driving for civilians, The time has come for emergency workers to take the same pledge. How can we preach safe driving, when we don’t live it.

~Creek Medic

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