Back again…


So after a long hiatus I am back yet again. I am sorry for the long break. School will do that to you. I decided to try and get some pleasure writing in while I am on Spring Break. A little bit about what is going on in the family, and such. All in all we have been alright at home. A few health problems, but fortunately, knock on wood this winter health wise actually has been mild. The boys haven’t been as sick as they have been in the past. I attribute that to the fact we are home schooling them. It is hard to contract yuckies when you are around only three other people. Speaking of home schooling the boys are rocking it. They are flourishing in the classroom/kitchen. No actually it is awesome. The world is the classroom, and we are using it to its fullest potential. 

That pretty much sums it up. 

ImageWe are also becoming more health conscious in our family. After a few scares with prescriptions medications, we have officially decided that unless our lives hang in the balance we are not taking them anymore. Mother Nature and the good Lord have provided us with enough medications that we don’t need stuff made in a factory. We are also becoming more conscious of the foods we are putting in our bodies as well. We are actually gearing up at our second attempt at a garden. The first attempt didn’t go so hot, so after doing some homework I do believe we are gonna do it right this time. I have also adopted some new eating practices, if God didn’t put it on the Earth I am not going to put it in my body.  Basically that stuff fast food places try to pass off as food I am trying like the dickens to be done with, and same thing with meats that have been injected with hormones and 


steroids in order to make them bigger. We are also attempting to do our garden all organic, and if we can’t get it 100% the first year we are going to strive to get it there ASAP.  I am hoping that along with my changed eating practices and working in the gardens this summer I will also lose some of this Owen Corning I have accumulated.

I am hoping to check back once a week and let you see the progress we are making on our little garden. 

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