Alone he sits on his island, years of pain rushing in all at once. How many times had he tried to tell them? How many ways did he cry out for help? The physical abuse hurts, but the verbal kills him inside. Physical scars heal, emotional never do. He closes his eyes, images of his taunters come flooding in. As tears roll down his face he thinks about all those that were actually nice to him. Always there with kind words, always there to lift him up. He wishes he could do more for them, but the pain is too great. He thinks of his family, he knows they love him, life will be better for them. It may be hard to fathom now, but they will get used to the idea. He thinks back to all the people he told of his problems. Why didn’t they listen? He digs deep down into his soul, but all he can find is darkness. Darkness seems to be all he can find. His path in life is clouded with darkness. No matter how hard he searches for light it seems to evade him. Drowning in his emotions he makes up his mind. With one last breath, he enters into eternal darkness.


September 10th is Suicide Prevention day. This year it rings especially close to home as a young boy in our area took his life over the weekend. While the reasoning may never fully be known, speculation is blaming bullying. Take the time today to speak with your children about bullying. Tell them to never give up if they are bullied. Tell them to seek help until help is found. Tell them that it is never okay to be a bully. Every human being on this earth is special in their own way. They all serve a purpose. We need to support each other, help each other, uplift each other.

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