At least we have a cuckoo clock.

Well last week was election day, and while I am happy to say that Issue 2 failed with flying colors, other aspects have left me with an ever infinite Why? in my head. What has become of our voting system when we put personal feelings in front of the betterment of the community? Our community has a lot of wonderful things in it, but at the same time it is also in need of some repair. We have streets that are closed due to the fact they are falling apart. We have water lines that are rusting and in need of major repair. And yet the major issue of this election has been a cuckoo clock. I do believe that the cuckoo clock will be a welcome addition to this community, but I also believe that there are matters that pose a more pressing importance to this community. How are people supposed to visit said cuckoo clock if the roads they need to travel are in disrepair, or there are sinkholes in the road from water main break after water main break? I probably wouldn’t be worried about this if those candidates that have been elected hadn’t made this there main political platform. While those that lost the election actually made their platform addressing the issues that are plaguing the village. Unfortunately though the voters of our community decided to let personal vendettas and grudges get in the way of what really matters to this community. Yes citizens of Sugarcreek get ready because a dark day of community politics is headed our direction. Oh well, At least we have a cuckoo clock.

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