Why Me Mommy?

He comes home from school, he knows his parents can see the pain in his eyes as he holds back the tears. Quietly he goes into his room and sits on his bed with his head in his hands. He reflects back on the days events, and all the pain he felt. He desperatley wants to know why? Why don’t they like him? He knows he is different. He knows that he can never fully be like them, and it hurts him to know that. The physical pain they inflict hurts, but its the words that kill him inside. Why do they say those things? Don’t they know he just wants to be friends? He just can’t understand and he probably will never understand. Mommy and Daddy try to help him, but they aren’t there to hear it and feel it. And besides no matter what they do to stop it nothing changes. His teachers don’t seem to care, in fact some even do it too. That pain is the worst pain he has ever felt.  You are supposed to trust your teachers, they are supposed to make you feel better,and yet some treat him like the kids do. Someday maybe this will all make sense, maybe someday it will. But until then he will go to school with a tear in his eyes, and a pain in his heart to face another day of bullying.

This scenario plays out everyday all over the country, from the big cities to the rural communities. In fact 1 in 4 students are bullied at school. Studies show that 77% of students have experienced being bullied either mentally, verbally, or physically. Every 7 minutes a child is bullied at school. And during those bullying time only 4% will recieve adult intervention, 11% will receive peer intervention, and 85% will not receive any intervention at all. Bullying generally starts in elementary school and increasingly worsens as they progress through the grades. In fact 74% of 8-11 year olds stated that teasing and bullying occur at their schools. 160,000 students say they stay home from school just to avoid being bullied. These numbers are astonishing and that is just peer to peer.

Stay tuned for more….

~Creek Medic

Please re-post this so that everyone can see these staggering numbers.

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